Why raw food diet is good for your dogs

Back in the 90's when we were competitively trialing our collie dogs, we received free dog biscuits which we endorsed and fed to our own dogs. Our dogs suffered tremendously. They often had gas, constipation, diarrhoea, excessive thirst, they would burn out much faster than past generations of collies and they suffered from early onset arthritis.

Our dogs finally died of cancer at the age of 11 and 12.. it was a much younger age than that of our previous collies.

We have been feeding the raw diet now for over 20 years and we have not looked back! The future generations of collies we have owned since have had no health issues. By feeding raw we have increased their lifespans by a good 5 years!

My dogs today never suffer from gas, ever! They do not need a lot of water. They run following my horse up to 20km a day and they never run out of energy. My eldest dog Snow is now 13 years old she looks like a young dog and has shown no signs of slowing down anytime soon. My dogs coats are shiny they have healthy digestive systems, much less offensive smell to their bowel movements as well as less amounts. Their breath does not smell and their teeth has no tartar or cavaties. I've not had to take my dogs to the vets due to any medical issues. My dogs are thriving.

While training dogs I am often asked what i feed my dogs and i always recommend feeding raw meat and bones. Clients are often confused what meat and bone to feed, where to buy it and how to store it.

So i decided to share my knowledge and my ability to source good fresh meat and offer you the convenience of delivering your dogs and cats raw food diet to your doorstep.!

The meals come in pre packaged daily rationed meals so all you have to do is freeze, then defrost as required, as you would your own meat. Each package has been vaccume sealed for freshness all you have to do it cut open the bag and pour into your dogs bowl. Meat sources that we use are chicken wings, chicken necks, chicken frame, chicken liver, chicken hearts, chicken feet, cuts of deer, beef, lamb, fish and fresh raw goats milk.

Simply order online and we will contact you to arrange pick up.

We hope to welcome your dog to the other (healthy side) of living.