Tally Wags - Your Dog Trainer in Canberra

Coming from a long line of dog trainers we have proven experience, skills and understanding of dogs.

We have won the Nationals, represented the state on 4 consecutive occasions, have gained titles in obedience, agility, fly ball and have competed in dog trials and trick competitions across the country.

Our dogs today are educated in obedience, sheep work, and trick training. Our dogs are an asset to our business as they work during training sessions as the distraction dogs for reactive dogs we train.

We have trained over 2000 dogs in Canberra with proven results. We use our own training methods that have been perfected throughout the years. These methods are not intrusive to the dog in any way. We prefer instead to build confidence in dogs to gain the desired results. We get results fast because we understand a dogs language.

Most importantly we love dogs! We love seeing results in the dogs we train and we love to help build strong bonds between dogs and owners.


What we do:

We address any behavioural issues and train your dog to respect, listen and follow you. We always begin by teaching your dog to heel perfectly by your side ignoring other dogs, people, wildlife etc. This is groundwork and its very important with the training that we do.

We can stop your dog from jumping, barking, mouthing, running out the front door, running away from you, getting excited when visitors are over, chasing other pets in the home. We can teach your dog to sit, recall, lay down, out of sight stay, heel off lead, recall, travel nicely in the car, ignore everything and anything besides you. We can train your dog to stay on their mats inside the house and even do fun tricks. just to name a few.

We work with training pet dogs, assistance dogs, working sheep and cattle dogs.

We also train dogs to tie up, follow horse, ute and bike, safely travel on the back of a vehicle and ignore other livestock.

We train all dog breeds of all ages, puppies included. There hasn't been a dog we haven't been able to train.





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