Dog Training Canberra

Our dog training techniques we use are balanced training with positive reinforcement using praise, toys, food and patience. We don’t agree on or condone severe punishment for bad behaviour as this is cruel and is also not effective. It has been proven to cause your dog to become more anxious and often leads your dog to show more signs of the bad behaviour you’re wishing to change. In saying this we believe a dog must learn respect for its human owner and owners must learn to assert the leader role in a dog / human relationship. This can easily be done without the use of force in a way which keeps a healthy respect to your canine friend.

Much of a dogs behaviour is a product of early education and socialisation or lack of it. Ill behaviour cannot be blamed on the dogs breed nor can it be blamed on the individual dog. The great thing is all dogs can be trained no matter what age and no matter what bad habits he has.
Instead of making excuses for bad behaviour we provide solutions and get results. We have not met a dog that cannot be trained.

Our aim is to have you and your dog to have fun in training sessions, build confidence by learning what is expected of you both, work as a team and succeed!

Any undesired behaviour can be changed immediately with our very own method we use which doesn't involve touching your dog. This training method we have created gives lifelong results for your dog.

Some common behavioural issues why dogs are given to shelters or are re-homed are:

  • LACK OF TRAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Aggression to other dogs
  • Pulling on lead which causes owner to not be able to safely walk the dog
  • Separation anxiety
  • Jumping up on people
  • Barking
  • Digging
  • Not being toilet trained
  • Being too excited around children

All of these behaviours we can fix with training of the dog and communicating with the dogs owner. We start straight away resolving dogs issues on the 1st session. We can arrange a plan and advise approximately how many sessions it would take to achieve the desired outcome to eliminate bad behaviour in your dog.

Our main motivation for starting this dog training business is to stop the cycle of a dog with bad behaviour to continually be re-homed unnecessarily.





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